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Texts accompanied by music clips to convey emotion


Rednote is a service that lets smartphone users attach music clips to their text messages to set the right tone.

We’ve already seen EasySMS provide a more graphical interface to make sending text messages easier for illiterate phone users, but – even for the most articulate texters – emotions can still get misconstrued by the other party. Rednote is a service that lets smartphone users attach streamed music clips to their messages to set the right tone. Those downloading the app can select from a range of recent pop songs and familiar classics, categorized by mood. For example, the ‘Romantic’ section contains a clip of My Girl by The Temptations and Kings of Leon’s Sex On Fire, while the Feeling Blue category offers Yesterday by The Beatles and With Or Without You by U2. Although designed for use with SMS messages, the service also gives the option of adding the snippets to tweets or emails. Similar to emoticons, the clips help users convey emotions that are perhaps more immediate than words and could avoid confusion. The app can also be used to share new music tips with friends. How else can simple text messages and other phone communications be made more effective through the possibilities available with increasingly powerful smartphones? Spotted by: Leo von Wendorff



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