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Cookie lets users pay pennies to replace ads with their own photos

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Adieu lets users buy the ad space on their favorite sites and enjoy ad free browsing without depriving publishers of their income.

When consumers employ ad blockers, they get to enjoy uninterrupted browsing free from unappealing advertisements, but unfortunately they also eliminate the revenue of the very sites they are appreciating. Now, Adieu is a smart solution which enables users to pay a small amount of their own money to replace unseemly banners with their own choice of images, improving their browsing experience without depriving publishers of the income.

Currently ad servers compile different marketing companies who bid to display their advert every time a consumer loads a new page — much like a high tech auction. Adieu works by bidding on behalf of the customer — tiny amounts of money at a time — to place their own images there instead. When a new user signs up, Adieu places a cookie in their browser and attempts to buy the ads on the pages they visit. Everytime they win a bid, the banners will be filled with images of their choosing — this can be their own photos or those created by the Adieu community. Adieu users are charged pennies each time the service works, giving micropayments to publishers — the startup expects that USD 5 will buy about 500 ad blocks.

Users can currently try out the service for free — they are awarded USD 2 worth of bids when they sign up. Adieu is currently a small organisation, so they are not allowed into all ad auctions and cannot yet block ads on Facebook, Google search and a number of other large sites. But as the system grows it will gain more clout and become a more integrated and powerful tool. How else could online advertising be made more user-friendly?



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