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Free resource helps transgender people find indiscriminate doctors

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MyTransHealth will be a searchable database for the trans community — listing local, qualified doctors with understanding and expertise.

Transgender people often find it difficult to source the medical care they need or are put off from seeking help by uncomfortable encounters with medical professionals — shockingly, 19 percent of trans patients are refused care. Now, MyTransHealth will provide a vital resource for the trans community — offering a searchable database of qualified, local doctors with the understanding and expertise to help trans people before, during and after transitioning.

The platform will take the form of a website and will be completely free to use, to make it as accessible as possible. It is set to launch soon in New York, San Francisco and Miami — all of which have large or growing trans communities. MyTransHealth will start with a initial database of 50 healthcare providers, all of whom have passed a screening process to prove they have an adequate knowledge of trans issues and a positive attitude towards inclusiveness. Eventually, the site will also include reviews and crowdsourced information, and other practitioners will be added — including those who have reached out to the platform to express their desire to learn more.

MyTransHealth recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign and some of that funding will be used to pay transgender employees. Are there other communities who face barriers when seeking healthcare that could use a similar resource?



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