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Improved skincare via real-time air pollution checks

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REN Clean Skincare’s latest marketing campaign rates local air quality and encourages the use of its new product to protect skin from dirty air.

As the largest organ in the body, the skin is an extensive surface prone to damage from polluted city environments. For seasoned commuters used to a near-daily gauntlet of polluted air, REN Clean Skincare’s latest product, the Flash Defense Anti-Pollution Mist, helps shield skin from further damage.

To accompany the launch of the Anti-Pollution Mist, REN worked with air quality mapping experts Plume Labs to create the Flash Defence pollution map. The map provides real-time updates on global air quality. REN customers tagging their location on the map and sharing photos of themselves using the Anti-Pollution Mist have a chance of winning GBP 250 of REN products.

We have seen Plume Labs’ air-monitoring pigeons in the past. What other ways could brands link public health with products?



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