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From Israel, kids' book-mounted device plays readings from absent relatives

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The Sparkup Magical Book Reader is a device that clips onto any book and plays recordings made by the child's family members as they turn each page.

Kids have already been able to experience a more high-tech bedtime thanks to Smart PJ’s, the pyjamas that can be scanned to reveal stories. Now Israel’s Sparkup has introduced the Magical Book Reader, a device that clips onto any book and plays recordings made by the child’s family members as they turn each page.

The reader fits onto the cover of each book and features a camera that detects which page the book is open on. When the device is in place, parents and other relatives can record themselves reading the text aloud on each page. When the child comes to read the book, they simply push the button in the middle of the reader to sync the device, which then plays the recordings back when the page is turned. Since the machine recognizes each page, it is able to play the audio content relevant to where the child is in the story, allowing them to skip back and forth without getting confused. The system allows family members who are away or simply busy to interact with the child remotely, without the need for more expensive technology such as a tablet or ebook reader. The Sparkup device also helps kids enjoy the tactile experience that real books provide. The video below shows the reader in action:

The Magical Book Reader is available to buy for USD 59.99, while additional professional audio readings can be downloaded from Sparkup’s online marketplace. Are there other ways to bring digital capabilities to physical books?

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