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This jacket could stop you catching a cold

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The Germinator Transit Jacket is designed to help commuters avoid picking up a bug from public places.

Regular readers of Springwise may remember Betabrand, the innovative fashion company that created the feature-packed hoodie for audio engineers. Now, the brand is back with another practical item — the Germinator Transit Jacket, designed to help commuters avoid picking up a bug from public places.

Designed by gravitytank, the jacket is a water-resistant fleece that also features silver-infused antimicrobial fabric on sleeve cuffs and collar shield. The material features nanoparticles that inhibit bacteria growth. The antimicrobial linings are removable and washable — as is the hood — to ensure grime and germs don't build up. As well as this, the sleeves come with fold-out cuffs that protect the whole hand when holding onto poles that may have been touched by travelers with a cold. The collar has a high lining which can also be easily pulled over the face to protect from coughs and — according to Betabrand — rogue subway farts.

Watch the video below to learn more about the idea:

The sheer number of people that use public transit in big cities means they're a hotbed for spreading illnesses. The Germinator Transit Jacket aims to arm commuters with the protection necessary to prevent them coming down with a cold or flu. Betabrand is currently selling the jacket for USD 223.20 after a successful campaign through its own crowdfunding platform. Are there other pieces of fashion that could be made more practical without compromising on style?



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