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NYC cyclists crowd-source map showing cars in bike lanes

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The Cars In Bike Lanes online map lets riders upload photos, with license plate details visible, of vehicles blocking protected spaces for cyclists.

Founded by a cyclist frustrated at the lack of local government action on enforcing bike safety, the Cars In Bike Lanes map geo-tags and time-stamps each contribution. New York City riders upload their photos, including a description of the cross streets where the incident occurred. License plate details are made visible, and users of the map can click to find out if a driver is a repeat offender.

The interactive map is open source, and the founder says he hopes other cities and developers customize the site for their areas. Development plans for the site will focus on increasing the numbers of cyclists using, and contributing to, it. And ideally, it will put pressure on local governments to actively enforce safety regulations designed to protect cyclists.

Cycle safety is a common urban problem, and cities around the world are designing different solutions. In The Netherlands, flashing LED lights warn cars of approaching cyclists at busy intersections. In Denmark, bikes fitted with radio frequency identification tags turn traffic lights in favor of the cyclist. Which projects would adapt well for use in cities that have yet to start their own urban cycle safety programs?



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