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Obfuscation plugin clicks on every online ad

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A plugin that clicks on every single ad encountered by the user renders the data gathering attempt by advertisers and search engines futile.

Those with a distaste for the constant monitoring of their online activities by advertisers and search engines can now play the trackers at their own game, via browser extension Adnauseum. The tool works in combination with an adblocker to click on every single ad present on any given page, which then renders the data gathered redundant.

As online tracking becomes normalized, it is increasingly hard for internet users to “opt out” and remain anonymous. Adnauseum was created with the idea of giving back some of the choice to the user. Users simply download both the Adnauseum adblocker and the obfuscation plugin, and as they browse the web, the tool works away quietly, clicking each and every ad the user encounters.

How else could technology be used to give users back some anonymity?



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