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On-demand app for leftover food donation

Nonprofit & Social Cause

Likened to an Uber for food rescue, Transfernation’s app links available volunteers with corporate events wanting to donate leftover food.

Sharing economies already cover clothing, luxury travel, appliances and storage space. Now, unwanted food no longer has to go to waste thanks to NYC-based Transfernation. The app links corporate events with local volunteers in real-time, and is perfect for those with limited time in their day to volunteer.

Realizing that obstacles to feeding the hungry are more often logistical than a lack of willingness, Transfernation’s founders solved one of the main problems in reducing food waste — they’re making donating food no more difficult than throwing it away. Companies wanting to give away leftovers often don’t know where to take it and how to get it there. Now, event planners only have to log a few details with the app. When a registered event is nearing conclusion, notifications are sent out to potential volunteers. Whoever is available then manages the pickup, transport and delivery of the leftover food to nearby shelters and food banks.

The founders may consider replicating the app for cities that are more dependent on public transit. What other logistic problems of donation could the sharing economy help solve?



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