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On-demand priests via scooters

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Scooterino Amen enables users in Rome to order a blessing or confession on-demand, and have a priest delivered to them by scooter.

Residents of Rome in need of a blessing no longer need to go all the way to church. Instead, they can order a service from a priest via Scooterino Amen, and the ridesharing app will bring a clergyman to them on a scooter. Visitors to the holy city can also participate and receive a blessing or give confessions on-demand.


The scheme, which is obviously a marketing stunt, is being launched to coincide with the Catholic Church’s year-long Jubilee of Mercy, which is expected to attract 10 million extra tourists to Rome. To take part, Catholics simply download the Scooterino app and request a priest in the same way they would an Uber. Then, a scooter driver picks up a nearby priest and drives them to the location. Upon arrival the priest will perform a blessing, confession or interview with the customer free of charge. After the meet, the user can even rate their priest out of five angels.

Participants can register now and will be sent an offer code to use later in the year when Scooterino Amen launches. Could any other authority figures be ordered through Uber-style apps?



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