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Platform helps displaced families in Haiti crowdfund new homes

Property & Construction

New Story is a crowdfunding platform which supports Haitian families in raising the USD 6,000 necessary to rebuild lost homes.

We have seen a number of products — such as HUSH2 — which aim to provide short-term housing for the displaced or homeless in the wake of conflicts or natural disasters. These shelters are undoubtedly vital but they are essentially temporary, so New Story — a non profit based in Haiti — has another solution. New Story is a crowdfunding platform which enables families to raise the USD 6,000 necessary to finance building a new, long-term home.


New Story has partnered with Mission of Hope, which sources families in need and helps them to launch a crowdfunding campaign via the platform. Potential donors can read the family’s story and see a breakdown of expenses — including materials and labor — before choosing to donate. All the money raised goes directly to each project, which is then carried out by local contractors in Haiti. The houses, which are three room block homes, are usually completed within two months, after which families post video updates for their donors.


We have seen crowdfunding used by nonprofits before — Kangu, for example, enables backers to send their money to specific individuals at risk of dying during childbirth. Are there other causes which could encourage donations by crowdfunding individual projects?



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