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Renaissance art comes to life via Google Cardboard

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Bruegel / Unseen Masterpieces brings the painter's works online and offers art lovers a chance to virtually float through the paintings.

Some of the world’s great art exhibitions can be hard to experience in reality, with galleries full of famous artworks existing overseas. But now a mobile application for art museums in Belgium is letting art lovers step into the works of famous painters.

The renaissance artist Bruegel’s paintings are now coming to life via virtual reality, with viewers able to experience them thanks to Google Cultural Institute’s Bruegel / Unseen Masterpieces project. The service brings material from eight museums online and presents new details for audiences worldwide to explore the collection. Many of the artworks have not travelled for more than 100 years. Using the Google Cardboard headset, viewers can float through and see the fine details of Bruegel’s Fall of the Rebel Angels painting.

Google Cultural Institute has also installed interactive experiences throughout the museum, so visitors can zoom in on the fine details of artworks.

Google and the museum hope the experience will attract art lovers all over the world, and bring these renaissance masterpieces to a younger generation. How else can works of classic art and music be updated using virtual reality?


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