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Snap-on table legs create unique furniture on any surface, in seconds

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SNAP is a device that creates tables out of any surface, in whatever irregular shape best fits the user's home.

Anyone who lives in an inner city apartment knows that there isn’t always room for the kitchen table of their dreams. For homes where regular sized furniture only fits when the door remains ajar at all times, startup Be Elastic have created SNAP — a device that enables users to create tables out of any surface, in whatever irregular shape best fits their home.


SNAP can transform any surface into a unique piece of furniture, simply by clipping onto the edge of the chosen tabletop and providing the legs. To begin, users pull down on the flexible portion of the device and attach the first SNAP to any flat edge. Then, by tightening the cable, the user creates a stable structure. The number of SNAPs needed depends on the size and shape of the table, but three or four will suffice for most creations. The makeshift legs can be removed and reused easily, since no holes or screws are required.


The SNAPs are made of steel and four pieces can support up to 98kg. They come in two sizes, each with a different height option, and 16 color combinations. SNAP is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, where pledgers can pre-order a set of two for an early bird price of USD 55. They are expected to ship in October 2015.


SNAP is the latest in a procession of innovative, reconfigurable furniture options: Meccano Home, and OLLA both offer product lines which can be infinitely adapted to the maker’s needs. Are there other ways to make furniture more adaptable for consumers?



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