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This supermarket is Denmark's first to only sell waste food

Nonprofit & Social Cause

WeFood is a supermarket that sells only surplus and waste food at a discounted price, while giving the profits to charities.

Waste food still remains a massive problem in developed countries. Only this year did France passed a law banning supermarkets from throwing away waste food, instead asking them to donate it to charities or food banks.

That’s why WeFood opened in Denmark in February. The shop is the country’s first selling only food that has gone past its sell by date, with prices up to 50 percent cheaper than in normal shops. The store is located in the country’s capital Copenhagen, and is run by volunteers. The company has already secured deals with retailers and importers to sell the food that would otherwise go to waste.

According to the organizers, Danes throw out more than 700,000 tons of food each year, costing the nation around DKK 11.6 billion annually. The shop also aims to help some of the world’s 800 million people who live in hunger and food poverty by giving the profits from WeFood’s flagship store to the charity DanChurchAid.

Hoping to tackle the food waste issue, a digital discount rack has been developed for supermarkets, a public food-sharing fridge has been set up in Spain, and nutritious powder made from food waste was created in Malaysia. How else can consumers and producers be encouraged to stop wasting food?



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