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Video app provides underserved clients with immediate legal advice

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Pickle is a video call app that gives everyone access to a greater understanding of their constitutional rights, via on-demand legal advice.

Legal representation is expensive and we have already seen platforms in the US and the UK use crowdfunding to help underprivileged clients fund legal battles. Now, Pickle Legal is helping in a different way — it enables video calls between clients and attorneys, which will give everyone access to a greater understanding of their constitutional rights.

Pickle connects clients with legal representation via real-time video communication. Anyone in need of legal advice can download the app to their smartphone. When they launch the app, Pickle alerts their network of attorneys and connects the client with an available professional via a video call. The client can then gain immediate advice from the attorney — helping them to understand their position and rights in the moment.

Pickle Legal is currently in Beta and accepting applications from attorneys and clients alike. During the testing phase, the service is available for free, but eventually clients will pay an affordable rate — since the convenience of the platform is expected to reduce costs. Pickle will also be archiving videos — at the discretion of the parties involved — for use in any case that arises. What other professional advice could be transmitted in this way?



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