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Brazilian video rental service distributes using USB drives


Just as the music industry is struggling against the popularity of illegal downloads, so too the film industry is being badly affected by movie piracy. But just as DATAROCK have turned to USB pens to fight back, we recently discovered Brazil-based 100% Video adopting USB pen drives to widen the circulation of legal movie rentals. The video rental units will enable users to plug in their own pen drives and download a movie for an average of BRL 4.90 — this is BRL 2 less than they would usually pay for a DVD rental, according to a report on A 4GB drive will be capable of carrying 5 DVD-quality movies, which can then be played on a computer or USB-enabled TV, using a code that automatically disables access to the films once the rental period expires. The report also claims that the initiative will launch with the installment of 100 machines in areas with high footfall rates such as shopping malls, supermarkets and airports in São Paulo, as well as in the chain’s 72 stores, with a final goal of 20,000 terminals across the country. According to the company, negotiations with major studios are already underway in order to broaden the range of titles available. Emprendedor report that 40% of Brazilian municipalities do not have video rentals, meaning videos simply aren’t watched, or are accessed through illegal downloads or pirate copies. The use of USB drives as an updated rental and sharing method is not only greener – with no need to make a journey to return rentals – but it also avoids the problem of scratched discs, and enables high definition film viewing for those without blu-ray disc players. Innovative methods of distribution have shown time and again that they have the potential to reinvigorate a flagging industry. 100% Video may be set to illustrate this once more. (Related: Norwegian band releases USB single inside a toy figurineRental service for kids’ video games.) Spotted by: Julio Barros



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