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Designer takes preorders to crowdfund a limited-edition lamp


There’s nothing like guaranteed demand to remove risk from launching a new product. Much the way Kickstarter—which we covered last year—helps creatives of all types crowdfund their projects and creations ahead of time, so Dutch designer Daniel Schipper is applying the concept to his newest lamp design. Schipper’s 100×100 lamp features a pendant shade made from white or transparent recyclable plastic; other colours are available on demand. Photos of the design are available on Schipper’s site, but production won’t begin until 100 orders have been received. Then, 100 numbered lamps will be produced and sold for EUR 100 each—hence the 100×100 name. Thirty-six orders had been received so far at the time of this writing, though no payment is required up front; rather, Schipper says he’ll contact those interested when the 100-order mark has been reached. By using planned scarcity and the promise of a good status story, such a strategy stands a good chance of piquing consumers’ interest. For the designer, meanwhile, securing demand ahead of time is a smart way to finance production. A model to emulate! (Related: ‘Stock market’ for art to crowdfund 10 public projects.) Spotted by: Maarten van Asperen



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