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Drink designed for air travelers, sold in customized quantities

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Dehydration is a common problem for those traveling by air, and its effects can lead to more serious health issues. Aiming to prevent such situations altogether, 1Above bills itself as “the world’s first aerotonic flight beverage” designed specifically for airline passengers. Lightly flavored and low calorie, 1Above delivers quick, electrolyte-enhanced hypotonic hydration along with essential daily nutrients including B vitamins and circulation-supporting polyphenol extracts such as those found in red wine. With just 60 calories per 1 liter bottle and no chemical sweeteners, 1Above includes only about 28 percent of the calories found in sports drinks, juices and flavored waters, the New Zealand-based company says. Its formulation is also designed to be absorbed quickly, helping to reduce the need for restroom visits. Conveniently, 1Above is sold in bottles with an optional clip for storage on a seat pocket or carry-on bag. Pricing is NZD 6.50 per 1 liter bottle; 1Above is a member of 1% for the Planet. 1Above is currently available exclusively at its flagship store in Auckland International Airport, where staff calculate the quantity each customer needs based on the length of his or her trip; 200 to 400ml pre-departure and about 200 to 300ml are recommended for each hour airborne. 1Above aims to expand around the globe, however, and welcomes inquiries from airlines and airports, in particular. One to get in on early? Spotted by: Kim Armstrong



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