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2008 | This year's top 10 life hack business ideas

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We’re deviating from our regular schedule to bring you the best new business ideas we spotted over the last 12 months—smart concepts that will continue to provide entrepreneurs with plenty of opportunities in 2009, whether by partnering, bringing to a local market, or being inspired to add similar offerings to an existing product or service. Our 10 favourite life hack business ideas: concepts that help consumers save time, money or both:
  1. ModerNash — Niche delivery biz brings IKEA to Nashville
  2. Ticket to Mind — Gift-giving simplified through a prepaid plan
  3. Babyplays — Toy rental service
  4. Insinger de Beaufort — Private banking by shoebox
  5. Wigadoo — Event planning site helps friends split the costs
  6. Laundry Locker — Laundry service by the locker
  7. TrackMyShipments — Helping consumers track shipped packages
  8. Rypple — Professional feedback, instant and peer-to-peer
  9. WeightNags — Nagging service for dieters
  10. Figuring Out — Career sampling service
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