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24 hour store

24-hour shop does not require staff to open its doors


Environmentally friendly mobile store offers customers in China, Alaska and Manhattan, the chance to shop 24 hours using an app.  

A 24-hour shopping service that’s environmentally friendly is giving customers the chance to buy essentials at the click of a button. Moby Mart, a staff-less, mobile store which is currently operating from a car park, allows users to access the store and purchase items using an app and AI technology.

The innovation, which was launched in China last month, is also available in Alaska and Manhattan. Using an app, users can pick up an array of items including milk, medicine and fruit 24 hours a day. As well as essentials, customers can also pre-order items including clothing, computer equipment and light bulbs and then collect at a convenient time that suits them.

The mobile hub is a small structure, that fits neatly into a car parking space and only comes to life when a customer requests to use the service. It requires no staff resources and is powered by solar panels, electricity and does not omit any pollution. The structure also cleans via an air purifier. It uses AI to communicate with a customer on arrival and patented technology for a seamless experience. Electricity powers the drone, which can sometimes move from a secluded space, into the open to make it easier for a user to access. There’s no need for cash either, as users create an account online and their card is charged accordingly. The people behind the creation, Wheelys Inc, in conjunction with Hefei University and Himalafy, are hoping to take Moby Mart worldwide and turn more parking spaces into a 24-hour store on wheels.




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