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Cookbook-only store with test kitchen and café


‘Try before you buy’ is an ages-old maxim that’s at the heart of the tryvertising trend we write about so often. It’s a tough one to apply to books, though—beyond enabling browsing—and even tougher when it comes to cookbooks. That’s where 25° Celsius comes in. First, it’s a bookstore that sells only cookbooks. Second, it features an on-site test kitchen and café that lets patrons sample from the recipes served up on the shelves. Singapore-based 25°C aims to offer a wide variety of cooking-related titles, browsable by region or ingredients as well as special interest topics like travel. Even more interesting, however, is that 25°C has created what appears to be the first bookstore-owned test kitchen in Singapore. On a regular basis, the 25°C staff will pick a book off the shelves and test out a few of the recipes it contains, making a point to closely follow the prescribed steps. Those recipes are then included on the menu of the month at the 25°C Café. The lesson to be learned? All those who think the tryvertising trend doesn’t apply to you, think again! With a little ingenuity, you may just hit upon a way to make it happen—and to build a loyal community while you’re at it. One to emulate as soon as possible! (Related: More meal prep and cooking instruction, this time by Jamie OliverTasting bar for babies serves up tryvertising for tykes.) P.S. Many thanks to Malika for pointing out a similar concept in London: Books for Cooks. Spotted by: Sharon Sng



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