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Responsive clothing

3D printed clothing changes shape when looked at

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A garment comprised of hundreds of quill-like pieces and an embedded camera, which responds to the gaze of others.

Human skin, like that of most animals, reacts involuntarily to external stimuli. Goosebumps and pupil dilation are both biological responses that can happen autonomously, in reaction to another person’s gaze. Now, designer Behnaz Farahi has created a 3D printed shawl, which explores this phenomena.

Caress of the Gaze is a garment comprised of hundreds of quill-like pieces — some hard and some soft — and an embedded camera. The camera uses image-sensing technology that can detect gender, age and orientation of gaze, and communicates with a micro-controller. This in turn is able to control the various nodes in the garment. As a result, the shawl creates a second skin and enhances the wearer’s response to the other person’s gaze, thereby using clothing to communicate.

We have seen a number of examples of responsive clothing such as Chromat’s Adrenaline Dress. How could the functions be scaled down and incorporated into everyday clothing?



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