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3D printed dental aligners without visiting the dentist

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Smile Direct Club enables users to create a unique series of professionally-approved 3D printed aligners by using an at-home impression kit, to straighten teeth without having to visit the dentist.

We’ve seen how a mobile dentistry service can be requested via an app, and now Smile Direct Club is offering users corrective dental work without any dentist face-time.

Users can sign up for an ‘impression kit’ which they use at home to create a 3D impression of their teeth. This is mailed to Smile, who then arrange for a dental professional to develop a treatment plan. Users are then sent a series of unique 3D-printed aligners that work to straighten teeth out over a 5-month period, with users also receiving a whitening gel and the option to buy retainers to keep the straightened teeth in place. The initial impression kit costs USD 95, with treatment costing either a one off payment of USD 1,500 or a USD 99 monthly payment plan.

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