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3D printer lets users fax physical objects

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AIO Robotics' ZEUS enables users to print, scan, copy and even fax 3D objects.

3D printing is a great innovation in its own right, but perhaps more interesting is the consumer uses that are now being developed around it. Yahoo! Japan has already created a 3D-printing search engine for blind kids, and now AIO Robotics’ ZEUS enables users to print, scan, copy and even fax 3D objects.

Coming in at a similar size to other desktop 3D printers, the sleekly-designed Zeus brings the multi-use capabilities of all-in-one inkjet and laser printers to the world of 3D modeling. Users first insert an SD card which contains the file they want to use. ZEUS then offers four options — print, scan, copy or fax. The file can be used to simply print the 3D object to a resolution of 100 microns. Alternatively, any object placed on the turntable located inside can be scanned with the HD camera and then either saved onto the SD card or quickly copied. Users can even seamlessly send files to other ZEUS owners, whereby the object is immediately printed — once they’ve given permission to use up filament, of course. The video below explains more about the product:

ZEUS could previously be pre-ordered through a Kickstarter campaign for USD 1,999 back in October, and the company will make the device available to purchase from its website in the near future. Are there other ways to make 3D printing more accessible for those without technical knowledge and skill?



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