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'Buzzed' from beer waste in 3D printing

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3Dom uses beer-brewing byproducts to make their latest eco-friendly 3D printing filament.

“If good people drink beer, certainly they must build with it too,” so goes the rallying cry of 3D printing material manufacturer 3Dom. After developing an eco-friendly 3D printing filament from used coffee grinds, they are now turning their efforts towards beer waste, too.


The c2Composite filaments, used to build 3D printed objects, are manufactured from waste created during beer brewing processes. These materials would otherwise go straight to a landfill. Called ‘Buzzed,’ the high quality material prints on most 3D printers, finishing products with a unique visible grain fragment and natural color gradient. Like the coffee filaments, Buzzed are delivered on 3Dom’s eco-friendly biospools, and are priced at USD 49 (though fortunately, the filament doesn’t produce any beer-related aroma during printing like its coffee counterpart.)

3Dom are promising to release more bio-filaments made of waste products. What other materials could be used for 3D printing?



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