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3D printing technology used to make recycled sunglasses


A Belgium start-up is making a range of unique designer sunglasses with the hope that it will be made from 100 percent recycled material.

As our awareness for the need to recycle continuously increases, a start-up company from Belgium is using 3D printing technology with one of the most wasteful products in the world, plastic, to make a stunning range of designer sunglasses.

w.r.yuma ensures only the exact amount of plastic is needed to make its sunglasses: the black plastic is made from recycled car dashboards in the Netherlands, and 90 percent of the transparent plastic is made from plastic bottles. w.r.yuma are going to great lengths to make sure all other items used to put the sunglasses together are recyclable products also – even down to the inking on the inside of the temples, which are made from recycled fridges.

The sunglasses themselves will be recyclable too. The idea here is when the owner of a pair of w.r.yuma glasses fancies a new pair – or a whole new design altogether – they will be able to recycle them and gain a large discount on their next purchase. The longer they own their w.r.yuma sunglasses, the larger the discount will be.

w.r.yuma are currently working on producing it’s first set of sunglasses for the market, but if you sign up to their pre-registration list on their website, then you’ll be one of the first to find out when the launch date will be.

It’s fascinating to see how companies are using innovative technology to recycle products in new and exciting ways. An Australian start-up is converting coffee husk into cups, and the San Francisco-based design company Rothy’s makes a range of women’s shoes from recycled plastic. Are there any other items that can be made from recycled products?



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