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Three dimensional designer wall covering for home and office

Property & Construction

Hot on the heels of the instructional wall stickers that we recently spotted, we’ve now come across a purely decorative solution for those who are seeking a more unconventional method of wall covering. Dutch-based 3DWalldecor has developed a range of three dimensional wall panels that can be used to decorate any room. The eco-friendly modular panels are made from bamboo pulp and are offered in four iterations: bars, dunes, moonscape and pads. They are both easy to apply and — if the four varieties do not offer enough character — they are also paintable. The company suggests that their product is not only suitable for home decoration, but could also be deployed a a variety of business settings such as shops, restaurants and offices. Currently available in the Netherlands, 3DWalldecor is seeking further distributors. Three dimensional wall decoration may not be to everybody’s taste. However, every entrepreneur’s appetite should be whetted by the endless opportunities to innovate using clever design and sustainable materials.



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