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Beauty retailer finds a niche in 3 fluid ounces

Travel & Tourism

Ever since transportation authorities placed rigorous limits on the amount of liquids allowed on flights, travellers have had to figure out how to both pack their favourite toiletries and comply with those regulations. Helping consumers avoid bag-check charges or confiscation of their non-compliant toiletries and cosmetics, New York-based 3floz is an online boutique that sells beauty and grooming products in TSA-approved sizes only. Launched in February, 3floz offers a range of luxury skin and hair care products for men and women, all in travel-friendly sizes of 3 fluid ounces (100 ml) or less. 3floz is also marketing itself as a sample site, catering to consumers who want to try out high-end beauty products without committing to pricey full-sized versions. (As they put it, “for those who travel, those who are curious and those who can’t commit”). Items can be purchased individually or in kits. Individual product prices start from USD 3 and kits start from USD 30. International shipping is available, including delivery direct to hotels, as well as a same-day courier delivery service within Manhattan. 3floz offers customers an upgrade to overnight shipping for the price of ground if they provide a flight itinerary showing travel within three days. The company has plans for travel-sized baby products and travel-friendly beauty and grooming tools. While 3floz fills a gap in the beauty market, there’s still plenty of room in this space for additional contenders to bring miniature versions of other brand favourites to travellers and product samplers around the globe. (Related: More cosmetics tryvertising by mailWine by the trial-sized tubeRemote wardrobe service for travelling luggage-freeShop-ahead service for hotel guests.) Spotted by: Cecilia Biemann



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