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Bedtime story events for grownups in pajamas

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Regular Springwise readers may remember the reader-in-residence program London’s Andaz Liverpool Street hotel ran last year during the London Book Fair. Picking up on a similar idea, renowned interior designer David Carter recently hosted a series of “Bedtime Stories” events for grownups at his townhouse-turned-boutique-hotel in East London. Carter opened up the two guest bedrooms in his restored 1717 townhouse—known as 40 WiNKS—this past spring, primarily for the use of photographers, designers, models and others in the creative and fashion industries. In part to mark the launch, he teamed up with audio fiction retailer Spoken Ink to conduct four storytelling nights featuring performances by Spoken Ink actors. The events took place on four Wednesdays in June and July, and each focused on a different theme: “stories to make you smile,” for example, or “love and longing.” Guests at the candlelit events—which cost GBP 20—were asked to wear pajamas or other nighttime attire; between-performance drinks and appetizers were provided. Concluding each event was a live musical performance. “It goes right back to when people were sitting around in their caves, talking about buffalo hunts, or coming home and saying they ran into their pterodactyl that day,” Carter told the Wall Street Journal. Indeed, whether it’s a buffalo hunt or a unique nocturnal event at a flamboyant boutique hotel, consumers crave experiences they can turn into status stories of their own, impressing their friends and family with what they’ve seen and done. Provide such fodder in an engaging and memorable way, and you’ll be able to write your own happy ending! 😉 (Related: Heathrow Airport installs writer in residence.) Spotted by: WSJ via Judy McRae



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