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Surveys by iPhone at Swedish 7-Eleven


Regular Springwise readers may remember our coverage this past spring of the iPhone app used by Swedish 7-Eleven to entice users into the store. That app combined a store locator with coupons for free coffee and biscotti, and now the company has added a third feature: the ability to conduct customer surveys by mobile phone. When it’s first started up, the new version of 7-Eleven’s iPhone application displays the latest offer from a participating manufacturer. The first company to test out the new app, for example, was Wrigley’s, which offered a free pack of its new Juicy Fruit gum. Consumers who enter their phone number then get a mobile coupon, redeemable at the nearest 7-Eleven store. Upon redeeming that coupon, consumers are sent a minisurvey by phone. Their answers to that survey will ensure they get more such offers in the future, each signaled by a “message” symbol on the iPhone’s home screen. The new app—developed with Swedish production agency Lonely Duck, publicity bureau Peacock and Bonnier Response Media—can be downloaded free of charge from 7-Eleven’s homepage or from Apple’s App Store. What’s even better than convincing the relatively affluent hordes of iPhone users to come in to your store? Answer: giving your brand partners a way to collect customer feedback quickly and easily each time they do. Retailers and brands around the globe: time to put the mobile ecosystem to work for you! 😉 Spotted by: Robert Olzon



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