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A biodegradable fibre microbugs will love to eat

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PrimaLoft bio fibre is made from recycled plastic and is designed to completely breakdown when exposed to the elements

Spotted: US-based PrimaLoft is testing a new type of polyester fibre that is completely biodegradable, the company says. The fibre is designed to attract microbugs, which will eat it and speed up the biodegrading process.  The formula is a first for the industry, according to PrimaLoft.

The company has been using recycled plastic in its insulation and technical fabrics (think fleece) since 2007. But it decided to do more in 2014. After five years of research, it created PrimaLoft bio fibres, which the company says are 95 percent recyclable.

Part of its secret is a simple sugar added to the production process to attract the microbugs that naturally eat plastic. The company’s patent for the process is currently under review. Several companies, including L. L. Bean, have started making clothing using the material. “Concept jackets” made from PrimaLoft bio fibres may be available in the next year or two.



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