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Vending machines | Photo source ZhaoQi Yu on Unsplash

A biometric vending machine for dispensing legal cannabis


PopCom will use smart contracts and enhanced biometrics and blockchain tech for compliant and secure payments

Spotted: The American startup PopCom is working on a vending machine that would allow the legal purchasing of government-regulated items. So, alcohol, medication and cannabis vending machines could be around the corner. 

“There are definitely infinite possibilities,” PopCom CEO Dawn Dickson told Columbus Business First. “My No. 1 focus now is getting the product out and showing the world what we already know – that it works and will be very disruptive to the automated retail industry.”

PopCom is upgrading its existing automated retail system that already uses facial recognition and supports payments using biometrics and blockchain. The new version will use smart contracts and enhanced biometrics and blockchain technology to allow for compliant and secure payments. It has raised over £983,000 — reaching the maximum allowed through equity crowdfunding. There are plans to pilot the new system at the end of this year with machines that dispense cannabis and pharmaceuticals.



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