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Beatchain’s model could prove useful in a variety of industries | Photo source Beatchain

A music label in an app for independent artists

Advertising & Marketing

Fuelled by proprietary AI, automation and data science, Beatchain provides the functionality of a major label

Beatchain is an app helping independent artists reclaim power back from the giant corporations. Fuelled by proprietary AI, automation and data science, the platform provides the functionality of a major label, distributor, promoter and manager in one place, empowering creators to build a career and a brand on their own terms.

The company is keen to emphasise that social media is no longer an add-on; it is an integral part of running a creative business. In an industry where data is often analysed in isolation, the Beatchain app offers visibility and insight into an artist’s entire digital presence, bringing social media data, streaming stats and ticket sales together to provide the full picture of their fan base. To further support emerging talents, the platform offers powerful social media management tools with inbuilt photo and video editing.

By cutting out various levels of management, the company hopes to provide more musicians and other artists the means to earn a living from their creative work.

Selected for the Createch 2019 Ones to Watch, produced by the Creative Industries Council with the support of Digital Catapult, London & Partners and Springwise.



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