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Smart medical kit for home checkups

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Australian startup, CliniCloud, has created a kit that allows patients to perform their own checkups from home.

Visits to the doctor can be time consuming and often, in the end, unnecessary. At the same time, a checkup can provide much needed reassurance, particularly for those with young children. Healthcare is big business and doctors and patients are both looking for improved flexibility and efficiency in their interactions without sacrificing quality. Here at Springwise, we have seen a wide range of tech solutions from t-shirts (which can detect epileptic seizures and call a doctor) to an app which allows roving doctors to give patients smartphone eye exams in the field, and even telepresence consultations and pharmacies. Now Australian startup, CliniCloud, enables individuals to give themselves a medical check up in the comfort of their own home.

The startup, co-founded by Andrew Lin and Hon Weng Chong, uses a stethoscope, a contactless infrared thermometer and an accompanying app. The app guides users through the process of using the equipment and also enables patients to record, store and even send data such as temperature and heart or lung sounds direct to their family doctor. Lin, who met Chong as a medical student at the University of Melbourne, says the app aims to streamline healthcare, “from people being treated quicker than they otherwise would, to unnecessary visits being avoided.” The company has also just announced a partnership with Doctor On Demand, an innovation that allows patients to pay for appointments with their doctor over the phone.

CliniCloud was founded in 2012 and has since grown to team of 20. According to a CliniCloud spokesperson, the devices are registered with the FDA, Health Canada, and are ready for sale in Europe and Australia. This is not the first time we have seen smart home testing (we’ve covered various home STD testing kits) but CliniCloud covers a broader range of ailments. How else can technology keep costs down without compromising trust and standards in healthcare?



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