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A Blind Call: accidental charity


Every cell phone user has done it: forgot to lock their phone’s keypad and accidentally called the first person in the contact list. Usually some unlucky person by the name of Aaron or Abigail. Belgian ad agency Duval Guillaume came up with a clever campaign that turns accidental calls into accidental donations to the Belgian League for the Blind. They’re asking people to add ‘A Blind Call’ to their list of contacts (for those of you in Belgium, the phone number is 070 222260). Every time the number is called, A Blind Call is given a cut of the call’s proceeds. Calls are cut off after 30 seconds, and the cost to the dialler is never more than EUR 0.75. Not only will the proceeds help the League for the Blind fund useful projects and research for sight-impaired people, every Alice, Alan and Abdullah will be spared a few coat-pocket soundtracks. 😉 (Related: Calling for a cause.) Spotted by: Sheila Wigman


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