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A renter's guide to Portland's green buildings

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We’ve written about a site that makes it easier for architects and designers to create green buildings, but a separate challenge is helping eco-minded consumers find those green apartments, homes and offices, since their sustainable nature is not always obvious from the outside. Enter GreenRenter, a new site that aims to connect owners of green buildings with tenants who might want to rent them. Launched earlier this year, GreenRenter offers a guide to the green commercial and residential property in the Portland, Ore., area. Separate sections for residential and commercial offerings list a variety of homes, offices, restaurants and retail space–searchable both by what’s out there in general and what’s currently available–with integrated Google Maps to show prospective tenants where they are all located. Buildings included need not be LEED certified, but they must include at least one feature in any of seven key green areas: energy, water, building materials, operations, building surroundings, certifications and awards or other innovative green features. Ultimately, GreenRenter plans to rate buildings listed on its site, it says, as well as to expand beyond the Portland area to other US cities. It’s also working on a separate site focused on sales of green buildings. Using GreenRenter is free for both owners and tenants. It’s not yet clear how GreenRenter will become sustainable itself, but the site’s “business philosophy” section mentions both the triple bottom line and the prospect of future products and services. One to partner with in cities around the US and the rest of the world? Spotted by: Susanna Haynie



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