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Ad campaign uses feature film to encourage organ donations

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A new ad campaign for organ donations includes a feature film and an interactive digital element to raise audience awareness.

Around 22 people in the US die every day due to a lack of donated organs. To encourage people to donate, advertising collective JohnXHannes New York and agency Active Theory developed a campaign that included a feature film, website, and interactive digital billboards. The campaign was called #GiveYourHeart and was launched by medical centre Montefiore Health System and charity Donate Life America. The campaign is intended to bring awareness to the need for more organ donors. The central part of the campaign is a feature film, titled Corazón, which was produced by Serial Pictures.

Corazón is based on a real-life doctor-patient story and asks the question of how far someone would be willing to go to save a life. The film recently won the Cannes Lions Grand Prix Health and Wellness award. The campaign encourages people to go to the website, enter a code, and hold their mobile phones to their hearts. Once the phone’s accelerometer detects a heartbeat, it brings the film’s actress Ana de Armas to life in digital movie posters and a Times Square Billboard. Viewers are then encouraged to register online as an organ donor with Donate Life America. Audiences leaving theatre screenings of the film were also given the opportunity to register as organ donors on the spot.

Hannes Ciatti, co-founder and executive director of JohnXHannes NY, described the project as based around entertainment, but with a message. “By telling one woman’s true story, we were also able to seamlessly show the audience what Montefiore stands for … Corazón isn’t just a film. It’s a complete effort, created to make a difference”. #GiveYourHeart joins other innovative advertising campaigns which combine digital and the real world. These include the use of naked eye AR and an advert that can log viewers’ reactions. Can all future ad campaigns include a feature film to increase awareness?




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