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Failure is an important part of learning, most educators would agree, yet few of us do more than rush to put our failures behind us. Admitting Failure is a new site that aims to help charities around the globe share, reflect upon and learn from the mistakes they’ve made. Launched last month by Engineers Without Borders Canada, Toronto-based Admitting Failure is intended to be “a collaboration between like-minded NGOs, governments, donors and those in the private sector,” in the site’s own words. Those involved with charitable development groups can visit the site to submit their own stories of plans gone wrong, or they can browse through the stories submitted by others, rating and commenting upon them along the way. Either way, lessons are bound to be learned, the site believes, causing fewer mistakes to be repeated in the future. Transparency has already shaken up industries far and wide, so it’s not entirely surprising to see it applied in a deliberate way to the nonprofit sector as well, with the potential to benefit everyone involved. Spotted by: Des Animo



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