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Australian Passout Marketing is using nightclub hand stamps for advertising. Inked on the hands and wrists of nightclub patrons, passout stamps are used as proof that someone has paid admission, is of legal drinking age, or can gain re-entrance to a club. Passout Marketing deemed this space too good to go unbranded, and has started working with venue owners and advertisers to stamp marketing messages on club hoppers. As they put it, Passout Marketing allows companies to “get their brand name right onto the skin of their target market”. Passout Marketing owns the rights to use the pass-out stamps of a majority of Australian nightspots, giving them exposure to thousands of men and women aged 18-32 every week. They currently cover over 2,500,00 people each year, and venues are given a cut of ad revenues. The idea is spreading: The Cool Hunter recently featured stamp advertising in India, which was limited to a (very sensible) ‘don’t drink and drive’ campaign. Opportunities? This one’s easy to set up. Start-up costs are minimal, and entrepreneurs that have connections to both nightspots and advertisers should be able to get up and running in no time. Sounds like a nice sideline for young ad agency employees 😉


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