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Advertising after dark — Update

Advertising & Marketing

Last year, we featured Passout Marketing, an Australian start-up that focuses on a previously unused piece of advertising real estate: passout stamps, the stamps that are inked on customers’ hands to show they’ve paid admission for a club, or are of legal drinking age. Prompted by our recent post on skinvertising, Colin de Vries of Handvertising emailed to inform us that he’s brought advertising on passout stamps to the Netherlands. (To our intense dismay, he hadn’t spotted the concept on Springwise.) As we mentioned in our post about Passout Marketing, it’s a relatively easy business to set up, once you’ve a) secured a network of venues willing to participate and b) found advertisers interested in reaching late-night revellers. So far, over 20 venues have joined Handvertising’s network, and the fledgling company is in talks with advertisers. Handvertising pointed out one opportunity we hadn’t considered: with smoking bans coming into place in the Netherlands next year, every nicotine addict will want their hand stamped to go out for a smoke and be allowed back into a club. Check your local hotspots this week—if no-one’s advertising on passout stamps yet, make your move 😉



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