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Affordable robot helps out around the house

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Robit is an affordable home robot that can perform simple tasks and is programmed using an app-like control system.

Though it may feel like artificially intelligent robots are still a long way away from helping with daily tasks around the house, one Israeli company has developed Robit, a small, affordable home robot that will do exactly that. As the company’s tagline says, is “the robot that gets it done”.

Robit operates with an app-like Android interface on the user’s tablet or computer. It connects to the home wifi and can complete tasks such as locating lost keys, or messaging the user at work when their kids arrive home, using its HD camera eyes to focus on objects it’s been trained to see. Robit will also wake users up, teach them languages, and watch and track pets when no one is home. Additional accessories include a tray for carrying objects around the house, and a sensor to detect gas leaks.

The robot cannot complete other household chores — it’s not built to wash dishes or tidy up — and some of its functions seem more toy-like, such as a built-in toy rocket launcher that children can program and play with. However, it will feature other apps that focus on teaching and education, such as a program to help children learn to code and command Robit.


Robit is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo, and available for preorder at USD 329. We recently saw a robotic concierge that will assist elderly users in care homes. What will be next in commercial robots?



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