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AI assistant | Photo source Pixabay

AI assistant helps detect heart attacks on emergency services calls


Corti helps medical personnel make critical decisions in the heat of the moment on calls to emergency services.

Early recognition of cardiac arrest is vitally important as the chance of survival decreases about 10 percent with each minute. In Denmark AI assistant Corti is listening in to phone calls to emergency services to help detect signs of a heart attack. With Corti implemented, the dispatcher gets a digital assistant that listens in on the conversation and helps to look for important signals in both verbal communication, as well as tone of voice and breathing patterns, while also considering other metadata.

All the data provided during the emergency call is automatically analyzed by Corti and then compared to the millions of emergency calls – which Corti has already analysed –to find important patterns. As Corti’s understanding of the incident increases, the assistant will try to predict the criticality of the patient’s situation based on symptom descriptions and the signals gathered from voice and audio. These insights are delivered to the dispatcher as alerts and recommendations.

Artificial intelligence is seeping into every aspect of every day life, with recent uses including the system that hunts the internet for signs of suicidal people to help prevent them coming to harm and an AI politician helping answer the public’s questions in New Zealand. How could artificial intelligence help your operation?



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