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AI fighter pilots to provide in-flight assistance

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Artificial intelligence development company Psibernetix Inc. has designed the ALPHA system for use in unmanned combat aerial vehicles.

The military often leads the way in deployment of new technology. Previously, we’ve seen peacekeeping skills taught via VR games and a crime-reporting app that filters racial biases. Now, Psibernetix Inc.’s artificial intelligence system ALPHA has won a simulated flight battle against a retired Air Force Colonel.

The ALPHA system is designed to understand and react to the high-speed data fighter pilots must absorb when in flight. The Psibernetix team says ALPHA is more likely to be used as assistants for real-time advice rather than as pilot replacements. ALPHA uses fuzzy logic, a system of mathematical modeling that allows it to learn and improve. These systems have traditionally been difficult to scale due to the complexity of their analyses. Psibernetix created fuzzy logic trees that break large problems into smaller, connected ones to allow ALPHA to run on much tinier, lower-power devices, including smartphones. Psibernetix is continuing its development of ALPHA as an air combat training tool and is looking into other industries such as pharmaceuticals and driverless cars.

What other automobiles could use this technology?



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