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AI pill-dispenser

AI pill-dispenser uses facial and voice recognition

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Pillo is a smart pill dispenser that stores an entire family's medication while automatically reordering when supplies run low.

We have seen a number of inventions that make taking the daily dose easier. For example, 3D printed custom pills can combine multiple drugs into a single tablet, while a smart scheduler sends reminders and updates to help people keep on top of their pill routine. Now, Pillo is a smart pill dispenser and health tracker combined, which can safely store and dispense an individual’s medication and can support an entire family’s medical needs. The device uses facial and voice recognition to provide the correct pills to the right person.

Pillo is a friendly, family healthcare robot with numerous abilities. Built on an intelligent platform, which enables it to learn about multiple users, Pillo’s functionalities grow over time. It safely stores medication and vitamins and dispenses them smartly to the right person. It can also act as a telemedicine interface, to connect patients with healthcare professionals remotely and uses natural language processing to answer healthcare questions. The smart device also links wirelessly with smartphones and tablets, so it can provide mobile reminders and notifications, and even reorder tablets when they are running low.

Pillo is completed their round of funding on Indiegogo. We have seen a number of robots such as a concierge for care homes that help people manage their health and connect them with medical professionals, but Pillo adds multiple additional services to create one kid-friendly device. How else could endearing robots make health tracking more enjoyable?




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