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AI platform

AI property management saves time and money


With an intelligent assistant interface, this new platform helps tenants and managers handle queries and routine contractual work quickly and efficiently.

AskPorter is an artificial intelligence-driven digital property management assistant. The system uses natural language processing to automate many routine tasks, including helping tenants troubleshoot and fix issues, pay bills and access information, management legal and compliance documentation, arranging for a contractor and chasing rent arrears. 

Designed to bring together the many different aspects of property management, the AskPorter interface is the same for all users, whether a tenant, owner or manager. Accessible via mobile, desktop or email, the platform seamlessly moves between devices. Property managers can see on one screen all similar documents or all stakeholders involved in a specific property or set of properties. Customized reports can be produced and shared, ranging in detail from a specific activity across all managed properties to all relevant information for a single property.

The more the system is used, the smarter Ask Porter becomes. By acting as the first point of contact for queries, many low priority, easily resolvable yet time-consuming questions and issues can be managed quickly and easily. When the assistant needs advice, the AI knows which team member to bring into the conversation.




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