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AI shopping tool | Photo source Keagan Henman on Unsplash

AI search tool imitates in-store browsing


An online visual search tool uses AI powered image analysis to enable users to browse how they would in the real world.

E-commerce is hardly a new phenomenon, but with time comes competition. Retailers are constantly vying with each other to gather and keep consumer interest. Visii, a UK-based company, is improving the online buying experience by mimicking the way we browse offline.

Visii believes “A picture is worth a thousand keywords”. Rather than entering keywords into a search bar, users can simply click on the images of products they like. With each click, Visii intuitively responds by displaying more relevant products to what the customer desires. In situations where shoppers don’t have a clear idea of what they are browsing for, Visii is particularly useful. By showing users the products they want faster, the software helps turn users into customers and therefore helps boost conversions.

The technology is powered by artificial intelligence and offers four solutions: Visii Lens, Visii, Explore, Visii Collections and Visii Similar. The solutions offer better product discovery and product recommendation. It shows shoppers the products they want before they even know they want it. The software automatically tags and organises product inventories using machine learning. This offers an unlimited number of product groupings to match the specific tastes of individual customers. With infinite groupings and intuitive recommendations, the software is ideal for companies with large numbers of products looking to improve the search functionality of their inventories.

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