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AI travel app provides bespoke consultancy services

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New iOS chat app Lola provides users with bespoke travel consultancy services at every stage of their trip.

Creative, sustainable travel options are revolutionizing the industry. Accessibility experts run a travel site specifically for those with additional mobility needs. A peer-to-peer platform connects like-minded travelers over the age of 50, providing opportunities to make new friends. For on-the-go, bespoke travel consultancy services, new iOS travel app Lola combines artificial intelligence with expert staff.

Currently invitation-only, Lola chats with travelers to help with any travel tasks. If a flight is cancelled, the Lola team finds alternatives. If a traveler wants to check out the local bar scene, Lola provides recommendations. Lola staff book tickets for events and tailor advice to everything from weather to airport security gate wait-times.

Now available in the United States, international versions are planned and a fee structure is being considered. Lola can be used to plan international travel, but presently only accepts US dollars. Despite fears of a robot-led future, could the combination of AI efficiency and human personality provide the ultimate customer service?



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