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AI travel bot manages bookings, analytics and expenses

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30SecondsToFly’s smart travel manager oversees all the admin of corporate travel - booking flights, filing expenses and assisting employees in transit.

As bots get better and chat more realistic, artificial intelligence (AI) increasingly lightens the administrative load. To do lists can now be created from any online text, and AI lawyers are helping with everyday legal research. The travel industry, which combines the need for good customer service with a high volume of repetitive and data based queries, is one sector that is taking advantage of bots’ capabilities to quickly answer customer queries or direct them to a relevant website page. Now, for the many companies whose employees undertake business travel, 30SecondsToFly’s bot takes charge of the entire process. Named Claire, the technology uses text messaging to chat with employees.

Once installed in a company’s software system, Claire takes on all the necessary administrative tasks of booking trips. After setting the parameters of company travel, Claire provides oversight for management teams and assistance for employees. Users begin the process by texting a request for a flight, and Claire books everything according to company policy. She also solves transit-related problems in real-time, helping reduce some of the general stress of travel. Having recently finished beta testing, with an invited group of users, 30SecondsToFly will fully launch Claire this autumn.

Will smart travel become increasingly connected, from booking to check-in and return?



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