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AI wedding planner chats to brides and grooms

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Brazilian wedding planners have developed Meeka, an intelligent assistant app that uses natural language processing to help couples plan their big day.

IBM Watson’s natural language processing API is being used by a variety of businesses, from legal research assistance to cognitive advertising, and now Brazilian couples can use it to help plan their wedding.


Wedding planners Mecasei have developed Meeka, an app that enables users to plan every aspect of their big day, from invites to gift lists and budgeting. The interface is simple to use — users type in questions in natural language, which IBM Watson’s AI will recognize, then deliver relevant and accurate answers. Meeka is available for free in Brazil from the App Store and Google Play, with plans underway to expand into other markets. Right now, Meeka has the ability to detect when languages other than Portuguese are being used.

With seemingly infinite possible applications, how might other industries, such as academia, apply IBM’s Watson?



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