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Airline offers new luxury cabins

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Top-end customers can look forward to suites furnished with a full-flat bed and packed with the latest tech.

Singapore Airlines recently revealed the details of their new ‘Singapore Airline Suites’, which will be fitted as standard on the company’s fleet of Airbus A380 super-jumbo jets when they begin flying at the end of 2017.

Each Airbus will include six of the luxury suites that boast 32-inch full HD televisions, tablets, mood lighting, leather furniture, personal wardrobes and full-flat single or double beds that can be stowed for bigger space.

Singapore Airlines where the first to offer high-end luxury air travel when it debuted the original version of its A380 suites around 10 years ago, but over the years the other airlines have caught up with the company – and in some cases, improved on their service. Many industry reporters believe that the improvements to their service are more than enough to put Singapore Airlines back at the forefront of luxury travel.

As the competition between airlines hots up, they’re forced to come up with original features to encourage new customers. German airline Lufthansa has updated its in-flight entertainment program with live presentations and product testing, while the Hong Kong Brewing Company created the Betsy beer for the Cathay Pacific airline, which has been brewed to taste better at high altitudes. Can you think of anything the airlines could offer you to ensure you booked with them?



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